We create high-tech solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI). We also develop innovative products that eliminate barriers and limitations from our everyday life in order to improve its quality.
Toucan AI helps you see and understand more.


Our AI team consists of specialists in the fields of machine learning, programming, electronics and design.

The knowledge and experience of our experts have made it possible for us to implement our own artificial intelligence algorithms, which are successfully used in our innovative solutions. A dedicated Research and Development group conducts advanced research projects, the results of which are appreciated by external experts and presented as scientific publications.


Within the Toucan AI system, we use the latest achievements in machine learning and neural networks – solutions that for decades were simply unthinkable (including, for example, intelligent image reading and processing as well as sound analysis).

Toucan AI proposes solutions that are complex in terms of hardware and system. When developing our equipment, we use the best technologies out there – effective integrated circuits, reliable cameras, sound systems and long-life batteries. We can thus be completely sure our solutions will remain reliable in any conditions.


A mobile electronic device that helps visually-impaired individuals. Toucan Eye will help them see and read in public spaces, a capacity that has been impossible before.


The device consists of a handy wireless headphone and advanced software. This implementation of the artificial intelligence technology makes it possible to read text information (located in the environment of a particular person) and process it into sound. All clear voice messages will be transmitted in both Polish and English.

The solution is being developed. Research continues to prepare further improvements. Official launch is planned for the end of 2019.


It improves comfort and life quality by eliminating barriers and difficulties faced by the visually impaired every day.

It allows you to read and understand the information that appears in public spaces (such as the number of the approaching bus, the timetable, the street name, etc.).

It makes the everyday life of the visually impaired easier by facilitating standard life situations (shopping, visiting the clinic, and the like).

It reduces stress and increases safety by fully recognizing and understanding the world around you.

It reduces the risk of social exclusion – a visually-impaired person can participate in important aspects of social life autonomously and independently.

The solution is developed in cooperation with the Polish Blind Association, which allows it to perfectly address the needs of the visually impaired.

The relatively small size of the device and the intuitive software make daily use of Toucan Eye extremely simple (the interface is fully adapted for the target customer).

Want to learn more about Toucan Eye? Email us any time. We will be glad to help!